A lot going on but not much to write about

Apologies for the radio silence of late. It just seems to be the case that there's not been a lot going on that I could blog about.

BFI Footage of Arthur Conan Doyle

The BFI has made available some excellent footage of Arthur Conan Doyle and his family.

Bontempi and the Six Napoleons

 In my book An Entirely New Country I wrote about a period when Arthur Conan Doyle got involved, as a business venture, with a device called the Sculptograph. It remains my strong belief that his involvement with this device inspired him to write the Sherlock Holmes adventure The Six Napoleons which came out in 1904.

Guest Post from Alan Lance Andersen

 Some time ago I posted about the challenges of writing a Sherlock Holmes pastiche that felt authentic. Naturally I'm not the only person with thoughts on this subject...

"Fun" with Facebook Holmes groups

 Since I returned to Facebook in 2015 I have become a member of a number of Sherlock Holmes groups. The trouble is that there are so many of them and it often takes a little while to work out which you want to be a member of.

Review: Mystery Weekly Magazine

 I was recently sent a PDF copy of the above title and asked for my thoughts. So here they are....

I'm part of Generation G. Are you?

 Oh what it is to be a forty-something Sherlockian. I sometimes wonder where I fit in. The under 35s are largely in the new Cumberbatch/Miller wave and the over 55s are the "old guard" in charge of most traditional societies.

Proof-reading "About Sixty"

I am one of a number of people currently proof-reading sections of a new book called About Sixty...

Facebook presence change

 My presence on Facebook has changed.

BBC Video about Mycroft Holmes

 I just came across this nice little video from the BBC that talks about the Sherlock Mycroft relationship. It's naturally focused on Sherlock.

Jeremy Brett - is he really not honoured?

 The Daily Mail recently published an article in which they asked if Jeremy Brett was "too white" for an English Heritage Blue Plaque following a decision not to short-list him for one of (presumably) this year's allocation.

Houdini and Doyle - what next?

So the last few days have seen confirmation that US network Fox have no interest in another series of Houdini & Doyle. Is this the end? Not necessarily.

Visit to ACD's Grave

On the 28th I finally got round to doing something I should have done some time ago. I made a trip to Arthur Conan Doyle's final resting place.

Houdini and Doyle - cancelled?

 I am one of a not insignificant number of people who enjoyed Houdini & Doyle. Since its first series concluded I have been monitoring the web for news of its future.

Review: Sydney Passengers' Log Vol 19 No 3

On Saturday I received the latest Passengers' Log. As usual it is packed of good things.

Back on iPlayer

If you have access to BBC iPlayer it's worth giving this documentary a look (or re-look).

Penny Dreadful - why no Holmes?

I only recently discovered Penny Dreadful so I appreciate that this discussion may have taken place long ago...

Kate Brombley speaks!

I have blogged before about Kate Brombley and her work with the Richard Lancelyn Green bequest in Portsmouth...

Conan Doyle : Plagiarism situation

Some of you will have read my post regarding the suggestion that Conan Doyle stole the idea for The Problem of Thor Bridge.

Yawn. Conan Doyle and Plagiarism - again!

 Once again we have someone unearthing something amazing. Conan Doyle was a plagiarist. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mild Spoilers - Houdini & Doyle Series One Review DVD

 I ordered the DVD box set of Houdini & Doyle after learning I would not be able to watch more than the first episode otherwise. The review below contains minor spoilers which I don't think will affect your enjoyment if you read them. However, consider yourselves warned.

New category icons

In an effort to make it clearer what a post is about I'm introducing category icons.

Sherlock 4 - Which villain will Toby Jones be?

It was recently revealed that Toby Jones would be a villain in the new series of Sherlock.

A notice re The Undershaw Preservation Trust

My fourth book An Entirely New Country chronicles the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between the years 1897 and 1907.

The Vote before the EU vote

There is much talk about the EU Referendum but, before that, there is another important election.

You're not a Sherlockian! Yes I am!

Yesterday there appears to have been another Sherlockian spat. I only caught the post-mortem and no one gave me further information (so I could be getting a lot of this wrong) but it appears to have been about the age old issue of Sherlockian merit. In other words, are some Sherlockians more serious than others, are some more worthy than others?

"Moriarty Pub" - No news!!!!

A little while ago I posted about the impending closure of South Norwood pub The William Stanley.

Author Interview : Elizabeth Varadan

I now present the latest of my Sherlockian interviews. This time it is with author Elizabeth Varadan.

Interview with Bill Barnes

I'm pleased to present my latest interview with Bill Barnes - President (or Captain) of The Sydney Passengers.

Portsmouth Museum update

I recently blogged about a visit to Portsmouth Museum to view the latest addition to its Sherlock exhibit.

ABOM - The Post-Mortem

I know I'm slow with this but here is the post-mortem video where key Sherlock folk discuss the origins for the 2015 special episode and the reactions to it.

Interview with Erin O'Neill

Interview with Erin O'Neill - editor of The Passengers' Log - the journal of The Sydney Passengers.

Interview with Meghashyam

My interview template is proving popular so let's move on to the next interviewee.

A Study in Change - Portsmouth's Sherlock exhibition gets an update

Yesterday I travelled to Portsmouth at the invitation of PhD student Kate Brombley for the unveiling of a new addition to Portsmouth Museum's Sherlock exhibition.

Author interview : Geri Schear

Welcome to my latest interview with author Geri Schear.

Author interview : Robert Perret

I recently offered up an interview template. I am proud to present my first interviewee - Robert Perret.

Interview invitation

For some time I've been offering to host guest posts on this blog but the offer has not been taken up as often as I would like.

Sherlock IV - The filming is on!

Unless you avidly avoid social media you cannot fail to have noticed that filming on Sherlock series four has commenced.

Review - Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Timbuktu:

This book purports to be the true account of what Sherlock Holmes did after Reichenbach and makes plain that Watson did not tell us the truth about what happened to the Great Detective.

Hiddleston rumours

For quite some time now there have been rumours that Tom Hiddleston will join the cast of Sherlock as the mysterious third Holmes brother.

William Stanley Pub update

Recently I blogged about the imminent takeover of the William Stanley Pub in South Norwood.

The fate of the William Stanley?

Arthur Conan Doyle spent three and a half years living in South Norwood in present day south-east London.

Not so careless whispers

2009 was the year I first attended a meeting of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Conan Doyle Bio Giveaway

My publishers - MX Publishing - are hosting a Goodreads giveaway of a set of my three Conan Doyle biographies...

Unseen Sherlockian women

Not long ago I was criticising myself for not looking through my Sherlockian library properly.

Having a clear out for charity!

It has to be said that, within certain parameters, I've been rather excessive with my collecting.

Review: The House at Baker Street

Pan Macmillan recently supplied me with a copy of The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby. Here is my review.

Look what's arrived for review...

I have some reading to do.

Exploring the library

I really am an idiot at times. Always on the lookout for exciting things to collect without bothering to pay attention to what I already have.

Is Sherlock Losing It? - follow up.

In my earlier post Is Sherlock Losing It? I had a look at the Amazon ratings (UK and US) for the recent special and compared them against those for the regular series.

I need to ask a favour

I need to ask a little favour and I know it's a little pathetic and could backfire but....

Review - Adventures in The Strand by Mike Ashley

The British Library asked if I would read an advance copy of this book for review. Naturally I said yes.

Holmes in another Conan Doyle book?

I am presently reading a book for review on Arthur Conan Doyle's relationship with The Strand Magazine.

Just arrived for review

This has just arrived with me for review from the British Library.

No Better Place - Now on Kindle

There's been a bit of a wait but I can confirm that Amazon UK and .com are now selling a Kindle version of No Better Place.

Is Sherlock losing it?

There has been a lot of internet traffic following the release of The Abominable Bride and the Sherlock fan-base is polarized as it has never been before. Could this be the beginning of the end?

Guest post - Spoilers - Abominable Bride Review

Once again, my occasional collaborator Silke Ketelsen has some things to say. Read on....(Alistair).