Farewell to Baker Street - Review part 2

I have been working my way through a pastiche collection entitled Farewell to Baker Street.

My first post (see here) looked at the first two stories. This post will tackle stories three and four.

Story three is called A Study in Verse and introduces a new Moriarty. Well not exactly but a former student who aspires to takes his mentor's place. The story largely takes place in Birmingham and has a football angle. It's atmospherically told, has a good Watsonian voice but lacks on the deduction front.

Story four The Case of the Cuneiform Suicide Note was disappointing. Like the book's first story, the story is nicely painted but is wrapped rather swiftly. The solution is clever but not satisfying.

I am yet to commence story five so there will be a separate review in due course.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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