Book review - The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes

I recently got hold of second hand copy of this book and I have to say it strikes me as an odd one.

In essence it is a book in which approximately 60 illustrations from the original canon (all Paget and his followers - no Steele) are reproduced with amusing comments under them that try to give an alternative interpretation of the image.

My copy
Now, to be fair, some of the captions are funny. They are not side-splittingly so but you will smirk a bit. The question is whether or not £7.99 is a fair price to pay for 60 (or so) captions. Little else in the book cannot be seen elsewhere (and for free).

Now there may be another edition. Looking on Amazon now reveals this cover:

And the page count is listed as 128 pages. Does this have more in it to justify the price? I don't know.

It just seems a little cheeky to me to reproduce original illustrations, add little more than a caption per illustration (plus a small introduction) and package it to sell.

However, if the idea appeals to you - go for it. There are smiles to be had.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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