Creepy eBay Sherlock collectable

Longer standing readers of this blog will remember a time when I used to post about odd things I found on eBay with a Sherlock Holmes connection.

Video - Digital Spy talks to creators about the Sherlock Special

I just found this Digital Spy interview on YouTube.

Summer Baker Street Journal - my favourites

Yesterday I received the Summer issue of The Baker Street Journal and I began working my way through it on my commute.

Sherlock Victorian Special - Extended trailer

Due to some kind of accident, an extended trailer for the Sherlock special found its way onto the internet.

No Better Place - ebook edition

I have been asked a few times what the plans are regarding an ebook version of No Better Place.

I've returned to Facebook (in a small way)

Many years ago (possibly before I started this blog) I abandoned Facebook. Now I have returned.

William Gillette film

Like many of my fellow Sherlockians, I was positively gaga with excitement when it was announced that the "lost" Gillette silent Holmes film had been found and was being restored.

William Hope - Photograpaher of Spirits

My most recent book No Better Place spent a good deal of time covering the subject of Spiritualism and Spirit Photographs.

Which period?

When BBC Sherlock was first announced, and it was known that it would be set in the modern world, there was a flurry of debate on the subject.

A bit of amateur market research

A really great source of material on Arthur Conan Doyle's life during his first marriage is very hard to get hold of these days....

Review of No Better Place

There have not been too many reviews of my latest tome so far but here is a nice one from Bob Byrne.

We have a trailer and I love the look of it

Last night saw the release of a reasonable length trailer for the Victorian Sherlock special.

Some Sherlock Special Filming Footage

Mark Gatiss is soon to appear on the BBC show Who Do You Think You Are? Here is a trailer in which we some Sherlock special filming.

Undershaw watch

I happened to be in the vicinity of Hindhead over the weekend and took the opportunity to have a look at Undershaw.