Meeting with Jay Ganguly

Today I briefly met with Jay Ganguly of The Sherlock Holmes Society of India. We had a nice chat...

Holding Jay's copy of Close to Holmes
which I signed
The amusing thing was that the purpose of the meeting was to interview me now that my latest book No Better Place is out. Jay sent me the questions in advance and, rather foolishly, I immediately wrote down my answers and sent them back.

This had the advantage that she got my own words there and then and did not have to take notes. On the downside it left us with a lot less to discuss than we'd imagined.

In the end, our conversation covered my thoughts on the "ownership" of Holmes, the make-up of the Indian Society, how societies worldwide might develop in the coming years. We still used up 90 minutes.

My written answers to Jay's questions will appear in an abridged form on the Society's website and later, in full, in its e-Journal. I fear that my efforts to convince Jay to study Doyle fell on stony ground.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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