The (never ending) wait for Sherlock Series 4

Ever since the end of series three, fans have been eager to know when they would get their next Sherlock fix.

The immediate aftermath of the end of series three was populated with people conjuring up all sorts of theories in relation to Moriarty. Is he alive?..... and so on.

This appeared to die down quite quickly. It was then replaced by the cries of when will we get series four?

Predictably, various sources went on about how hard it was to get all the actors' schedules in line and how important it was not to film too often in order to prevent said actors getting tired of the roles. Quality not quantity was the mantra. It should have been infrequency not frequency as that would have been far more apt.

Then, out of the blue, and perhaps to simply tide us all over, it was announced that there'd be a special. Not just any old special but a Victorian special. Many people, including yours truly, had initially bemoaned the contemporary nature of Sherlock and now we were going to get what we wanted. However, we all wondered why, and how on earth they were going to spin it.

Then we were simply told that Moffat and Gatiss were just dying to do a Victorian episode and it would stand alone. Many (most?) of us were pleased by this as some sort of dodgy time travel or dream sequence angle seemed absurd and had the potential to damage the credibility of the series as a whole (except, perhaps, for the Wholock fans).

But really, we all have to accept that this is just tiding us over. It is simply Moffat and Gatiss stoking the embers of our interest to keep our fire alive. Now that we know the special is "in the can" we're hearing that filming begins on series four in 2016 with possible broadcast in 2017. Do we all have the patience? I find myself starting to wonder. I think they might get away with it this time but if we're told in 2017 that we're going to have to wait to 2019 or 2020 for series five (a full ten years after series one)...I think some will start to look for new avenues.

All someone has to do is come along with another Sherlockian distraction.......

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. I think interest in 'Sherlock' is definitely waning. So many tumblr-sites I've been following have gone dark and when you look at major discussion forums like IMDB etc. there's less and less traffic every month.

    I for one can't wait for a new Sherlockian enterprise! Very much looking forward to 'Mr Holmes' with Ian McKellen.

  2. There's always "Elementary", Ms. Ketelsen. ;-)

  3. LOL - Thanks for the rec, Mr O'Leary!