SHSL 2015 Annual General Meeting

Last night saw the Annual General Meeting of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. It took place, as usual, at the National Liberal Club.

For me, it was a semi-sad occasion as it marked my last appearance as a Council Member. Myself and Tony Lee both stood down and were replaced. Our new Treasurer was elected and almost all other positions were unchanged.

The events were overseen by Bob Ellis who was also standing down after three years as Chairman.

Bob Ellis (left) and David Jones run the AGM with a rod of iron

The main business of the day was concluded quite quickly and, following the announcement of the 2015 Tony & Freda Howlett Award, we got onto the quiz element.

This year it was the SHSL version of The Unbelieveable Truth

Roger Johnson announces the Tony & Freda Howlett Award

Alas, an early start was required of me so I had to leave before the end. It was certainly an amusing show with the judges coming under much cheeky pressure from the panellists.

A personal joy for me was to have a good chat with novelist Laurie King who was making her first appearance at an SHSL event.

The Society is definitely in good health.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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