Review: Petr Kopl's comic-book A Scandal in Bohemia *Updated

Yesterday I purchased signed copies of A Scandal in Bohemia and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Two comic-book versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Czech illustrator Petr Kopl.

New Comic Book Holmes

I attended an event at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel today where I acquired two new items.

It's a twisted world

Only recently I was bemoaning all the things that were getting in the way of me completing my first draft. Now the situation is slightly different.

Too many hurdles

Can someone tell me why, as I get closer to the end of the first draft, that I seem to get more and more things in my way....?

Undershaw latest - my support reluctantly withheld

Last week I read articles in both the Haslemere Herald and Surrey Advertiser re the collapse of the deal between Stepping Stones (SS)/DFN Foundation (DFN) and the Undershaw Preservation Trust (UPT).

Review: Sherlock Holmes in a New Light

As mentioned earlier, I recently visited the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London. I neglected to mention what happened later.

It's nearly over....

In May of 2015 I will stand down from my position on the Council of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. My three year term will be over.

Museum of London - Sherlock Exhibition

Yesterday I finally got myself along to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the museum of London.