Undershaw - BBC sending out wrong message

I've just come across a BBC News online article about the recent agreement between the UPT and the DFN Foundation and I'm not happy.

As followers of the campaign know, UPT founder John Gibson had objected to elements of the proposed plans that would have seen the historic well and stables damaged/removed.

An agreement has now been worked out that will see these items preserved.

This is how the BBC decided to introduce its article on the news:

Campaigners who opposed plans to convert Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former Surrey home into a school for disabled children have backed revised proposals.
This is very badly worded and makes it look like the UPT objected to the whole idea of a school for the disabled. This is unfair as there was no objection to the idea in principle. It was simply the loss of the well and stables that was objected to.

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