Sherlockian to Doylean - A natural progression?

Is it a natural progression to move from being a Sherlockian to a Doylean?

Well clearly the answer is no as there is a marked difference in numbers between the two. The notion also depends greatly upon your definition of a Sherlockian.

If your interest revolves around adaptations - especially the recent contemporary ones - then the progression is probably unlikely because what you are interested in is more the product of contemporary writers rather than Conan Doyle.

However if your interest includes the Canon and Canonical adaptations then it makes a lot of sense to get acquainted with ACD the man. The work of many fiction writers is, to an extent, auto-biographical so if you understand the writer and what drove them in life it can help you to understand their creations better.

This also overlooks the fact that Arthur Conan Doyle was a fascinating man. He was flawed and full of contradictions (like most of us). Time spent looking into his life is well spent.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Although not as interested in Doyle's history to the same degree as you, I have read several of his other works and have enjoyed them very much.
    I do however consider myself 80 percent Sherlockian and 20 percent Doyleockian.