"Filling the void" is going too far

People are truly getting desperate in their quest for something to write about series four of Sherlock.

I have bots that scour the web for stories on all things Sherlockian and some of the desperate attempts by sites to pretend they have something are truly tragic.

I've got nothing!
The website Christian Today crops up a fair amount. Take this example 'Sherlock' season 4: Top 5 spoilers for new season. Now, in my opinion, something can only be a spoiler if it is true.

These are the five "spoilers" from the above article:
1. It is (im)possible for Moriarty to come back
2. Baby Watson will join next season
3. Molly and Sherlock in a relationship?
4. Tom Hiddleston to play the third Holmes brother
5. Mycroft will also return

Well (1) is pure speculation and doesn't actually say anything.
(2) is highly likely but hardly a spoiler to anyone who paid attention to series three.
(3) Are they serious? The question mark immediately rules it out as being a spoiler.
(4) Rumour does not equal spoiler (and they admit it is a rumour).
(5) Wow! Really!? Well that's series four ruined for me.

Come on people! The more you try and fill the void the dafter you look.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Okay, I will admit that those 5 spoilers made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure that the author of them even watched series three. haha!

    But seriously, Why not just watch re-runs when you can't stand it any longer, look for all the clues you missed, and wait for season four? Its not that much longer anyway.

  2. I think it kinda puts them in a non-Sherlockian category?