ACD Dramatisation - an idea?

Over the years there have been many dramas about Conan Doyle and aspects of his life but, as far as I know, two significant aspects have not been brought to the screen.

It was the recent Stoddart Dinner that brought this to my mind. Perhaps it's just me but I'd love to see a dramatisation of that dinner and the first meeting of Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde. It's true that we know precious little about it so there would be a fair amount of speculation but, if done intelligently, we could get a half decent story out of it.

Another aspect would be to dramatise the period during which Conan Doyle conceived Sherlock Holmes, wrote A Study in Scarlet and the "fun" he had getting it accepted.

Is it just me that thinks these events would make good television if done well? Has it ever been done?

Written by Alistair Duncan
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