Today's celebs have it easy

Barely a day goes by when some celebrity or other is not complaining about their portrayal in the media. I'm not saying that they don't get unfairly treated but they have it easy compared to some.

A pressie from Canada

I got home last night to a nice package from Canada.

Houdini - Mini series - Part 2 Review

Here I move on to review part two of the Houdini series starring Adrien Brody. I must warn of spoilers.

Houdini - Mini series - Part 1 Review

Last night I got round to watching part one of the Houdini mini-series. My thoughts follow.....

Conan Doyle Estate - Latest

So, the latest is that the ACD Estate is trying another avenue in its efforts to ensure that certain elements of Holmes remain in copyright.

A request for advice

I tried asking this on Twitter and did not get a single response. So I'm putting it here. This is a serious question that will have an impact on my next book.

"Filling the void" is going too far

People are truly getting desperate in their quest for something to write about series four of Sherlock.

ACD Dramatisation - an idea?

Over the years there have been many dramas about Conan Doyle and aspects of his life but, as far as I know, two significant aspects have not been brought to the screen.

Why do I do this to myself?

Anyone who was present at the recent Stoddart Dinner will know how worked up I was about my talk.

Undershaw - Change of use apparently approved.

It would appear from Twitter than the planning application to change Undershaw's usage designation has been approved.

Sherlockian to Doylean - A natural progression?

Is it a natural progression to move from being a Sherlockian to a Doylean?

Stoddart Dinner Report

Given how much I've gone on about the Stoddart dinner you may be expecting a blog post on it.

Stoddart Dinner - An appeal

On Saturday August 30th the Sherlock Holmes Society of London held a dinner to celebrate the 125th anniversary of a very special dinner.