Updated! Undershaw - The current situation (I think)

The situation with Undershaw can come across as a little confusing. Here is my assessment of where it is at the moment.

As many people now know, the house has been purchased by Stepping Stones - a school for children with certain kinds of learning difficulties such as autism. However, following this news, it was reported that the "for sale" sign was still up.
Sign now gone

Well I can report that the sign is certainly gone now.

I understand the situation to be as follows:

Contracts have been 'exchanged' which pretty much seals the deal but full transfer of ownership does not take place until the sale is 'completed'. The delay is because the new owners are waiting for the outcome of a planning application which is solely to request a formal change of use from a hotel/home to a educational establishment. Clearly, if that were to be refused, the sale would not likely complete.

This is the planning application that I recently posted photographs of.

The planning application on display outside Undershaw
Another from a slightly later date
In the meantime, an appeal has been lodged by John Gibson against the English Heritage decision not to upgrade Undershaw's listing from grade 2 to either grade 2* or grade 1. Mr Gibson has pointed out areas where he feels the process was not undertaken correctly.

The stables and well
It is important that this appeal is attempted because the rumoured plans of the school, post-change of use, would involve concreting over the well, pulling down (or severely altering) the original Victorian stables and replacing the post ACD house extension with something much bigger.

Such changes are not necessarily desirable - depending on your point of view. Some of you may see this as an acceptable sacrifice for the greater good of the house. Personally, I'd rather not see anything else lost but, if forced to choose, I'd want to keep the stables at least. That's just me though.

Update - I forgot to mention that there has been an increase in the number of "keep out" and "CCTV" signs since I was last at the house. The signs appear on both of the approaches to the house. Said signs are presumably there at the instigation of the new owners.

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