Colonel Moran and Curry

Britain's love affair with curry began in the mid-nineteenth century. People who had been based in India brought their love of spice back to the mother country and a fascination was born that has never gone away.

Colonel Sebastian Moran is likely to have been one such curry fan having served in India. The Oriental Club was founded in 1825 and still operates today. Its first (and apparently only) President was the Duke of Wellington.
Damn you Holmes. I have a Madras waiting for me at the Oriental Club!

In the 1860s the club's chef, Richard Terry, produced a recipe book based not only on his own experience but also that of native cooks.

No wonder Moran sought the death of Ronald Adair. Without his "ill-gotten card-gains", how could he have kept up his membership of the Oriental Club?

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Written by Alistair Duncan
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