Stoddart Dinner - It's not long now...

The Stoddart Dinner will be held at the Langham Hotel a week on Saturday. I thought I'd provide some notes for those interested (whether attending or not).

Colour me surprised

As regular readers will know, I am presently working on a biography of Conan Doyle's Windlesham years. The reason I waited almost three years after the publication of my last book came down to one word.

Trading on the name....?

Over the years there have been many versions of Holmes and Watson but is there a point at which the characters are just trading on the name?

Most popular posts

Out of curiosity I thought I'd have a look and see what the most read posts on my blog have been since its launch.

S-list celeb - my thoughts

On his fascinating blog, Brad Keefauver waxes lyrical about the concept of the S-List celebrity.

Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

It's not long now until the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition opens at the Museum of London.

Colonel Moran and Curry

Britain's love affair with curry began in the mid-nineteenth century. People who had been based in India brought their love of spice back to the mother country and a fascination was born that has never gone away.

Stoddart Dinner Invitations

This post is intended for those of you attending the Stoddart Dinner hosted by the SHSL.

Book Review: Oscar Slater - The 'Immortal' Case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Now this is a not a new book but, as it has formed part of my research, I felt I owed it a review.

Updated! Undershaw - The current situation (I think)

The situation with Undershaw can come across as a little confusing. Here is my assessment of where it is at the moment.