Who are the readership?

I'm sure this is the same for other blogging platforms but Blogger provides some interesting statistics on blog consumption.

Geographically, my readership is mostly US based. The UK comes next followed by other European countries. I have no interest from Canada, South America, Africa or Asia Pacific.

Subject-wise, the posts that get the most hits are those connected to Sherlock or any that tackle Sherlock/Elementary. I guess I should not be shocked by this.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. It does seem sad that the literary character Sherlock Holmes and his creator AC Doyle are pretty far down on the list of things that interest fans of certain thespians and their popular roles in this, the "New Sherlock Holmes Boom". Perhaps it was so in Gillette's and Rathbone and Brett's day. Your call for Sherlock Holmes websites elicited listings of BBC Sherlock-related fare. There is a certain amount of fun to be found in the tangential but I'm interested in the real deal.

    1. That's true but I was asking for focused sites. Literary ones could still get recommended. What I was keen to avoid was those that had gone off into areas connected only by cast members.

      It appears to have been true in Gillette's day based on a New York Time article I uncovered yesterday but that's going into my latest book so I'll not go on about it here :-)