UPDATE Baker Street Tube Shock!

This morning I was made aware of some shocking news regarding the Baker Street Tube Station.

Stoddart Dinner - An Update

Yet another little post about the upcoming Stoddart Dinner being hosted at the Langham Hotel by The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Would Conan Doyle like 'Sherlock' ?

I came across a Tweet yesterday which linked to a short video in which Steven Moffat responded to the question 'what would Conan Doyle have thought of Sherlock?'

Who are the readership?

I'm sure this is the same for other blogging platforms but Blogger provides some interesting statistics on blog consumption.

Thoughts on Sherlockian blogs and social media

There have been websites that revolved around Sherlock Holmes since the Web came into being but it is getting harder to find the focused ones.

Book update June 6 2014

It is almost exactly two months since I wrote the first words of my biography of Conan Doyle's years in Crowborough (1907-1930).

Spiritualism reading - A History of Ghosts

As part of my research for my latest book I have been delving into the world of Spiritualism.