Last night saw the 2014 Annual General Meeting of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London at the National Liberal Club, London.

The business of the evening was smooth unlike the entertainment where there were briefly some technical hitches. Fortunately these were sorted out in the proverbial nick.

We then held our own version of Only Connect - or - Only Deduce. Jean Upton presided with Roger Johnson in charge of scoring.

Roger Johnson & Jean Upton

The two teams were the Street Urchins.

The Urchins - Catherine Cooke, Bert Coules, David Jones

and the Scotland Yarders.

The Yarders - Heather Owen, Elaine Hamil and Jonathan McCafferty

Regrettably I had to leave just before the end at a point where the Scotland Yarders were leading. Hopefully someone will let me know the end result..

Written by Alistair Duncan
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