Undershaw - Sorry but I'm not celebrating yet

Well people are popping champagne corks re the news that Undershaw has been "saved". I'm reserving judgement.

Why am I so boring? Well, beyond the fact that we know it is destined to be a school for those with learning difficulties we know little else. Turning it into a school is a noble aim but I want to hear the plans for the building inside and out. Is the building going to be restored sympathetically or will it be a restored exterior with a modernised interior? It will be slightly less of a cause to celebrate if what little remains of its Victorian interior is swept away.

In any event this outcome is certainly better than the house being carved into separate units.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. I'm sure that more than likely they will have to change the inside a good bit to make it condusive to learning & school functions but nk it would be great if they would restore as much of the original decor of the walls as possible & decorate the new walls, rooms, etc to match so that the whole school reflects the time period in which the house was built. That would be so cool.