Musings on "Hands of a Murderer"

In my last post I talked about my Holmes and Moriarty galleries and this in turn reminded me that I needed to add a Moriarty.

The film Hands of a Murderer, which starred Edward Woodward as Sherlock Holmes, is generally mocked and seen as rather poor. Be that as it may I have always enjoyed it as something of a guilty pleasure.

The first unhinged Moriarty?

One of its highlights was Anthony Andrews as Moriarty. His was the first youthful Moriarty that I can recall and he positively exuded menace and more than a little insanity. I see his depiction as one which was taken to the next level by Andrew Scott's modern day incarnation.

Andrew Scott the natural heir? Something about the name Andrew?

The funny thing is that Andrews, as he has gotten older, seems (to me) to be getting more and more ready to be an older Canonical Moriarty. If you take this picture of him as Stanley Baldwin in The King's Speech....

Or is just me that sees this?

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Oh, no, you're absolutely right! I think I'll watch that one tonight. Don't think I've yet seen it.