Does the internet fill the gaps?

It is now widely stated on the Internet (rightly or wrongly) that we are likely to see Sherlock series 4 in 2016. Now, we've put up with a two-year wait before but will we do so again?

Well, yes, but only because we have no choice. I am left wondering to what extent the Internet helps with these quiet periods.

Why do we complain less about these gaps than we might have done in years past? Is it because there are plenty of other popular series and they are staggered just enough that we can, almost, forget about Sherlock while we watch Doctor Who or Downton Abbey or any of the other popular shows?

Or is it that the Internet has made it far easier for us to entertain ourselves while we wait? During the gaps between series of Sherlock there is a diet served up of conspiracy theories, fan fiction, forums, slash fiction, events (e.g. society events and things like 221BCon) and so on.

Whether you like some, none or all of it there is always something out there to, as they might say in Jane Austen's time, divert us.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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