Further thoughts on Undershaw news

Yesterday evening I wrote a quick opinion piece on the news that Undershaw is to become a school...

Undershaw - Sorry but I'm not celebrating yet

Well people are popping champagne corks re the news that Undershaw has been "saved". I'm reserving judgement.

Musings on "Hands of a Murderer"

In my last post I talked about my Holmes and Moriarty galleries and this in turn reminded me that I needed to add a Moriarty.

I was recently asked a question....

Yesterday, I was asked on Twitter why I don't have a picture of JLM as Holmes amongst my many Holmeses at the top of this blog.

Do non-canonical Holmes films get remade?

As we all know, there have been many, many Sherlock Holmes films. Sherlock Holmes is the most filmed character there is (a battle that rages between him and Dracula). Yet do the films ever get re-made?

A bit of self-therapy

I'm going to conjure up the past if you’ll indulge me. 

Sherlock(ish) item on eBay

Some time ago I made some posts featuring Sherlock Holmes related oddities from eBay. I thought I would resume today.

The "Real" Sherlock Holmes - Give us a break!

If you're writing a book with "Sherlock Holmes" on the cover at least make sure it is actually linked solidly to Sherlock Holmes.

Dr Watson - Why buffoon?

Throughout the course of Sherlock Holmes adaptations Watson has been depicted in a few different ways.

Sherlock Vs Elementary - Has there been a shift in judgement?

A little over a year ago I wrote a post entitled The Elementary Problem. In this post I made the observation that Elementary was probably being judged more harshly for its mistakes than its BBC counterpart.

A moment in history May 16th 2010

Yes that's a rather pretentious title but I could not resist it.

Updated - Without Undershaw etc

I state up front that I am big supporter of the Save Undershaw campaign (as most people know) but I must take issue (again) with a line that keeps getting put about in connection with the house.

Does the internet fill the gaps?

It is now widely stated on the Internet (rightly or wrongly) that we are likely to see Sherlock series 4 in 2016. Now, we've put up with a two-year wait before but will we do so again?

A Study in domesticity

In the Canon Arthur Conan Doyle gave us very little insight into the domestic lives of Holmes or Watson. This was apparently based on a desire to avoid what he saw as irrelevance.