Victorian Holmes - Done to death?

When the BBC announced Sherlock there were mutterings about having a contemporary Holmes. I was amongst those who went on record to say that we’d prefer a Victorian Holmes (I have nothing against Sherlock before you start lighting torches). In response there were people who said that Victorian Holmes had been done to death.

But has it really? 

Time for some Wontner love

My favourite early Holmes actor (and the one I commenced with in my book Eliminate the Impossible) is Arthur Wontner.

A little inappropriate

I just came across a rather tactless article from The Daily Chronicle of February 14 1908.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street is currently "enjoying" publicity following its reaction to a job enquiry. Now seems a good time to take a look at it.

Very unimpressed

When I was researching my books access to on-line newspaper archives was vital. It seems now that one of the most important has become the victim of a, frankly, absurd business model.

Bridging the financial gap

The recent guest post from Australia which bemoaned the lack of Sherlock Fandom organisation down-under got me thinking…is the gap that appears to exist between Fandom and traditional societies financial as much as cultural?

Keep Moriarty dead - there are other great villains

I've said before that I don't want Moriarty to really be back in Sherlock. Here I propose the villiains that series four should really draw on.

Guest post: Holmes Down Under

Without beating around the bush, as we say here, I’ll get straight to the point. While Europe and the U.S. are spoilt with conventions, Q&As, autographing sessions, meet-and-greets, special appearances, awards ceremonies and societies (need I continue?) we Sherlockians in Australia must survive on breadcrumbs..... 

Cliff-hanger or question?

I may be a little slow but I've just realised that only series one of Sherlock has so far ended on a cliff-hanger – well a cliff-hanger in my terms.

Let's do what we always do at this time.....speculate wildly.

In the event that you've not watched His Last Vow yet please keep away from this post. You will not be happy at what is revealed herein.

Is Sherlock Holmes sexy?

So is the great detective sexy? Fandom needs to take a deep breath before it screams yes at me...