Spoiler free - Review of His Last Vow

Well, after two years of waiting the series is over and we're back to another wait. However it was a stunning episode.

There have been comments in some quarters that said the series had lost its way. The overt homage to fan fiction that was episode 1. The Four Weddings and a Funeral-esque moments of episode 2.

But what an episode 3!

This was a return to darkness, a return to a truly horrible villain. Robert Hardy's portrayal of Charles Augustus Milverton in the Granada series is still the most repellent (and, for me, definitive) but his new incarnation as played by Lars Mikkelsen is appropriately revolting.

Charles Augustus Magnussen

This episode takes care of a number of questions. Some concerning Sherlock's childhood and some more up to date issues for John. While I did rather expect something along the lines we got I was still surprised by how the revelations were delivered and the closing few minutes are truly something. I do have some issues with the episode but I'll go into those in another post (which cannot be spoiler free).

Written by Alistair Duncan
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