I must be quite mad

I've been "enjoying" a few days leave from work (paid - fortunately). I say "enjoying" because there has not been much R'n'R. Instead I've been building bookshelves, mounting pictures, scrubbing mud off walls and other domestic chores. Some of these chores (such as bookshelf construction) are rare, others less so.

Your natural question at this point is to ask what this has to do with Sherlockian stuff. Well, as I write, I'm sat alongside my Sherlockian shelves and only now that I really look at them am I aware of exactly how few of the books I've read. I wonder if this experience is similar for any of you out there?

A taste of my collection
I tend to acquire books as they come up for sale. I have very much a buy now, worry later mentality and it starts to worry me that I'll end up going to my grave with a percentage unread. Yes I know it's morbid but that cannot be helped.

So, come on, comment and let me know I'm not alone in having an absurdly tall "to read" pile.

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  1. I will buy books "on spec", thinking that the subject seems interesting, but will not read them right away. I maybe currently reading a book, so the new purchase has to wait. Sometimes I'll have to be in the right mood to read a certain book--I maybe in the mood for a mystery and that non-fiction book will have to wait. I do have a large pile (several actually) of books I haven't yet read, some of them many years old. I will get to them eventually! In the Sherlockian category most of my "non-fiction" is read but I have pastiches that I bought back when I was reading pastiches, with the spines uncracked. Some of those, I wonder if I ever will read them.

  2. You are definitely not alone in the large pile of books to read... I have both a regular pile and a virtual pile (yes, many ebooks to read too). And yet, my friends know me so well that they gave me a gift card for a book store for my birthday... Now I have three more books to add to the non-virtual pile!
    I wouldn't have it any other way, though... Always a new book to look forward to! :)

  3. Thank you both for making me feel less alone :-)