Undershaw Watch

My wife and I spent a couple of hours in Grayshott today at the wonderful Fox & Pelican pub.

Talkin' 'bout my generation

What are you on Alistair? I hear you cry. What's with the lyrics? Well it seemed an appropriate introduction to a theory first put forward in a BBC documentary.

Undershaw: A brief video

Yes Undershaw again. I just thought I'd share the video about this vulnerable piece of our heritage narrated by UPT founder John Gibson.

Guest posts

Well I've now hosted two guest posts on my blog and they have proved popular (in terms of hits) and have generated comments and even debate.

Undershaw: A good development?

It would seem that my post on Undershaw yesterday was well timed. Today I picked up a copy of the latest Haslemere Herald and it contained a piece of encouraging news.

Undershaw - the saga continues

I have waxed lyrical about Undershaw on numerous occasions and, as regular readers will know, I have played a small part in the efforts to see it preserved. However, I have been growing a little concerned at the questions being asked by fellow supporters as to what is going on in the campaign to save it.

Guest Post: The Many Faces of Irene

I am relatively new to the world of Sherlock Holmes and until I read “A Scandal in Bohemia”, I really didn't like the character of Irene Adler. After reading “A Scandal in Bohemia” I realize that my aversion to the character of Irene was simply because I had never before seen the original. 

ANOTHER UPDATE South Norwood Tourist Board - Lake naming

The South Norwood Tourist Board is continuing its campaign to have a lake named after Arthur Conan Doyle in South Norwood Country Park (see here).

I need to write something....

As some of you will know, I am the author of four books and several articles in the Sherlockian/Doylean field. However, this blog aside, I've been resting on my laurels somewhat of late.

Guest Post: The Island of Uffa

“The Five Orange Pips” gives some of those tantalizing untold tales that Watson loved to tease his readers with: “the adventure of the Paradol Chamber, of the Amateur Mendicant Society, who held a luxurious club in the lower vault of a furniture warehouse, of the facts connected with the loss of the British barque Sophy Anderson, of the singular adventures of the Grice Patersons in the island of Uffa, and finally of the Camberwell poisoning case.” The location of the island of Uffa has long puzzled Sherlockian scholars because it exists in no atlas. They were looking in the wrong place. They needed to check Temple Bar.  

Guest bloggers

Following my good old moan about the lack of response to my request for guest submissions, I now have the possibility of two.

Unsympathetic “victims”

As devotees will know,  Sherlock Holmes was more than ready to be his own judge and jury when it suited him. When he chooses to act in this capacity we are encouraged to accept that he is right and that he is helping good people by doing so.

Langdale Pike - Two characters blended together?

The Adventure of the Three-Gables seems to me to be an adventure that tends to come in for criticism. This either concerns the plot or the depiction of the boxer Steve Dixie. I won’t dwell on the latter as plenty of people have trampled that particular piece of ground and the poor opinion that some people have of the plot is, I think, unfair. 

I shall struggle on

Not that long ago I put out a request for blog submissions. Much to my disappointment I only got one tentative reply.

I must be quite mad

I've been "enjoying" a few days leave from work (paid - fortunately). I say "enjoying" because there has not been much R'n'R. Instead I've been building bookshelves, mounting pictures, scrubbing mud off walls and other domestic chores. Some of these chores (such as bookshelf construction) are rare, others less so.