False Alarm

I regret to report that my idea for a new book is no more. A few weeks back I had an idea that I thought I could flesh out into a reasonable tome but, alas, I no longer feel that way and the project will be going no further.

Since the publication of my book An Entirely New Country in 2011 I've struggled to come up with further ideas and feel that the momentum has gone. Changes in my work circumstances have contributed to this (i.e. things are busy at the office) but I also don’t want to write something for the sake of it.

I've been lucky in that, overall, my books have been favourably received. I’d hate to put out book five for the sake of it and ruin that record.

The other aspect is a financial one. As I have remarked in other posts, there is little money in non-fiction works these days and, while I've written my books to date because I simply enjoyed doing so, it would be nice to make a useful sum out of it. However that sort of money is only to be found in fiction.

I shall continue to pen non-fiction articles for journals and my blog but don’t hold your breath for books.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. And why don't you try your hand on fiction then? You must have a wealth of research material amassed during the writing of your non-fiction books. Couldn't you put that to good use in the spinning of a fictional tale?

    1. Your faith is flattering. Believe me when I say I have more than considered it. The problem I have is that I am great at starting stories but I am at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to the middle and end.

  2. What a pity. :-( Perhaps you just need someone to cheer you on.