Book preservation

Following on from my blog post on what to collect (see here) I thought I would move on to look at book preservation - albeit in an amateur way.

Latest addition to the collection and the "science" behind it

I feel that, if you are a collector of all things Sherlock Holmes (or of Victoriana in general), there are some things that you should have. I generally confine my collecting to printed material but there are a few objects that I simply had to have.

Has Twitter matured?

Not all that long ago I used to circulate an article that looked at the reasons why some people love Mr Cumberbatch and some reasons why they don't. I didn't write it myself and I did not favour one side over the other. Yet for the simple act of circulating it I came in for some insults on Twitter. One person, by way of retaliation for my obvious insult to her idol, said that I had the most pathetic Sherlockian blog on the internet (or sentiments to that effect).

The Free Sherlock campaign

I don’t need to explain what this is. Most people will already have a pretty good idea and those who don’t can visit the website for details. I have no intention of going deeply into the arguments being voiced by both sides. There are plenty of others out there doing that already.

Experimenting with a new detective?

In 1898 two detective stories were published by Arthur Conan Doyle. Both revolved around train-related crimes and both involved an unnamed detective who was less than successful. They were entitled The Lost Special and The Man with the Watches.

False Alarm

I regret to report that my idea for a new book is no more. A few weeks back I had an idea that I thought I could flesh out into a reasonable tome but, alas, I no longer feel that way and the project will be going no further.

Hi-de-Hi readers

Lynn Gale, of the Undershaw Preservation Trust, has sent me a photo of sitcom legend Ruth Madoc with a copy of my book An Entirely New Country and Sherlock's Home.

Video of Granada props in London

This video of the Granada Holmes props now on display in London was shot by @wirralbagpuss and deserves a bigger audience.

Cumberbatch must be stopped

I admit to being firmly on the road to becoming a fuddy-duddy (I hope that means the same in all countries) so, given that I have a lot of teens to 20-somethings on my Twitter, a great amount of what I read is littered with terms I really don’t grasp.

What do I collect?

A lot of Sherlockians, when they decide to embark upon serious collecting, are a bit confused as to where to start - I certainly was.

Initial thoughts/review of Conan Doyle –Writing, Profession, and Practice by Douglas Kerr

It is important that you note that this is a limited review based on the quarter or so of the book I have read up to the point of writing. It may seem unfair to judge a book based only on a percentage of its content but the comments I will be making will be confined to what I have read and are subject to change as I progress through the book.

Conan Doyle, boxing and a case of very bad timing

Arthur Conan Doyle was a fan of boxing. It was arguably his favourite sport and his love of it was well known.  If anyone had been in doubt as to his interest those doubts would have been quelled with the publication of his book Rodney Stone in 1896. This book revolved around the bare-knuckle boxing that took place during the British regency period.

Four ages of Conan Doyle

I just thought I'd put out a little post of Arthur Conan Doyle at four different ages.