Undershaw and Grayshott

Yesterday I took a wander up to Hindhead and Grayshott. The main aim was to have a look at Undershaw and see what state it was in.

Fortunately I was warned that CCTV has been installed since I was last there. This of course meant that I could not get as close as I wished to.

So first we have a sneaky photo taken from the side entrance.

Then a picture from the correct side of the gate 

After this I wanted to visit the Conan Doyle graves in nearby Grayshott

Me at the grave of Louise Conan Doyle - the double grave of Kingsley and Mary is to its right. Someone had left a small stone on Louise's grave and I added a few flowers

The grave of Mary Doyle (ACD's mother)
The real shame is the poor state of Louise's grave since I last visited in 2010

Left (2010) and today (2013)

Written by Alistair Duncan
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