My tumblr is no more

I have, this morning, deleted my tumblr account.
After some months of running it I have decided that it is not for me and I can reach people via other routes.

I have to admit that I found very few tumblr blogs that were actually worth following. The overwhelming majority contained nothing more than animated GIFs which are hardly earth-shattering posts.

I heard tumblr once described as being for people who want to write more than 140 characters in Twitter yet have little time to write it. I think it would be more fitting to say, for the most part, that it is for people who have not a lot to say but a lot of spare time to say it in. Unlike Twitter, my experience of tumblr was that people posted for the sake of it, not because they had anything special to say.

Of course this can be levelled at a lot of Twitter users as well but not on the same scale. As I already maintain a reasonably popular blog with blogspot I was only using tumblr to direct people to it. I've also encountered very few people who are on tumblr but not Twitter.

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