Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes – Surplus to requirements?

I read only recently that the preparatory stages are underway for a third Sherlock Holmes film from Warner Brothers but that, allegedly, it will only proceed if Robert Downey Jr likes the script.

South Norwood Tourist Board - A wee mistake

I decided to have a glance at the website of the South Norwood Tourist Board and was a little concerned at their latest post.

Book Review: Conan Doyle and the Crimes Club by Stephen Wade

Well, to begin with a cliché, they say you should never judge a book by its cover and this has never been so true as it is with this book. It is one of those cases where the subtitle of the book is more accurate than the title.

Undershaw post - follow up

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not as up-to-date on all matters Undershaw as perhaps I should be. However, I've been doing a little reading and I am quite frankly staggered at the present situation.

Undershaw and Grayshott

Yesterday I took a wander up to Hindhead and Grayshott. The main aim was to have a look at Undershaw and see what state it was in.

A Study in Syllables

In a variety of contexts we all will have heard the expression “what’s in a name?”. As it turns out, I suspect that there is rather a lot in a name.

Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke interview

An interview with Messrs Brett and Hardwicke from approx 1989* where they talk about the Granada series and their two-man Sherlock Holmes play.

May 4 1891

Remember the original fall

A 3 or 4 or 5 pipe problem?

When you think of the classic image of Sherlock Holmes (the Victorian one) the two items that leap to mind are the deerstalker hat and curved pipe.

Baron Gruner – The villain I want to see

It was recently revealed that BBC’s Sherlock was going to dust down Charles Augustus Milverton (albeit a slightly renamed version) to be Sherlock’s nemesis in series three. This was widely expected and hoped for and while I am not unhappy about this I would have preferred to see Baron Gruner make an appearance.

The original Reichenbach Fall

With a new series of Sherlock not too far away we know we will soon be learning how Sherlock survived.

BBC Sherlock - Ignorance is bliss

I was ten when the Granada Sherlock Holmes series began in 1984 and I don’t recall being outraged or emotionally damaged when Holmes went over the falls (supposedly) at the end of The Final Problem. In this I find myself at the opposite pole to many younger fans of BBC Sherlock who seemed to go into a collective bout of hysteria at the conclusion of The Reichenbach Fall (if many blogs and Youtube videos are anything to go by).

Two more items in the library

I'm not sure it's a saying but, if it isn't, it deserves to be - if you have space you'll attempt to fill it. When I was renting a flat I had a distinct lack of room and this curtailed my collecting of Sherlockiana (well I see it as curtailed, I suspect my wife would disagree).

Le Figaro - again!

I had more or less forgotten about this but a few weeks ago I was approached once more by Le Figaro for my thoughts on the Murder Rooms series with the late Ian Richardson. I gave a relatively concise response and thought little more about it.

Mycroft – The unwanted Holmes

Mycroft Holmes is an incredibly popular character from the Sherlock Holmes universe and it is not unreasonable to say that, of late, this is almost entirely down to his depiction by Mark Gatiss in Sherlock. In no other dramatization I can think of has Mycroft Holmes enjoyed such a presence (not even Granada's). Most screen adaptations have tended to mirror the canon and have Mycroft as little more than a character making the occasional fleeting appearance.

Twitter abuse aimed at Mark Gatiss

I don't check my Tumblr as often as I should. To be honest I use it mostly as a channel for links to this blog. However, I have just logged into my dashboard for the first time in weeks to find this link from one of my new followers:

What is the future of the new Russian Sherlock?

Well Wikipedia (if it can be trusted) states that the actor who plays Watson in the new Russian Sherlock series died at the beginning of the year.

Hello Latvia

Warm greetings to the people of Latvia. You seem to have developed a real interest in my blog of late (or perhaps one person REALLY loves it).

Nevertheless - welcome.

Amusing use of Sherlock in advertising

Sherlock Holmes has been used to advertise a lot of products but this is a good one - in the sense that it is funny.

The Priory School – semi-autobiographical?

I dare say that others noticed this long ago but I have just begun to appreciate the strong autobiographical elements in The Priory School.

Money Vs Longevity - A brief follow up

I posted a link to my earlier blog post (this one) on Facebook and there was a comment stating that surely people also wrote because of a love of the character etc.

Moves to name a lake after Arthur Conan Doyle

The South Norwood Tourist Board are making efforts to get the lake in South Norwood Country Park named "Lake Conan" in honour of Arthur Conan Doyle.