Le Figaro - interview about BBC Sherlock

Constance Jamet of French newspaper Le Figaro has recently interviewed me about BBC Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes in general. The interview (in French obviously) will be in the Wednesday issue of the newspaper. Exactly how much of what I said makes it in depends on the allocated space in the issue.

Article soon to be published

It won't be long before my article "The Changing Face of the Sherlockian" is published in the next (Summer) issue of The Baker Street Journal. It will be my début in this respected publication.

Pastiche or not pastiche?

It is pretty safe to say that we have seen an explosion in the production of Sherlock Holmes stories in recent years. The problem is that they are collectively referred to as pastiche stories when many (most?) are nothing of the kind.

Great Sherlock Holmes debate IV - Warner Bros

I see from the MX Publishing tumblr that the argument in favour of Warner Bros' depiction of Sherlock Holmes has been posted.

Britain's Secret Homes

The series Britain's Secret Homes began last week and one of the many buildings featured was Stonyhurst - the Jesuit boarding school attended by Arthur Conan Doyle. The segment was presented by Anthony Horowitz.

Who can be replaced?

It has been reported that both Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have stated that they would not continue to make Sherlock if they lost the services of either Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman. Is this an artistic decision or a commercial one?

We profit by his mistakes

The world of traditional Sherlockian scholarship essentially exists because of two things. Firstly the "game" whereby the stories are regarded as factual accounts and, secondly, the mistakes in those accounts.