Elementary rudeness

I was skimming through recent updates on Facebook yesterday evening when I came across a very unpleasant remark made by a lady to the effect that anyone who didn't like Elementary was a “snob” and had their head up their bottom (not the word she chose).

Aside from being a rude and ignorant remark it was refreshing to see the opposite side of the “loopy” coin. Since it was conceived, Elementary has faced a lot of objections from people who deny that it has the right to exist. Now, finally, we have equally ludicrous remarks from the pro-Elementary camp. 

There are plenty of people out there who have perfectly sound reasons for disliking Elementary just as there are people with equally sound reasons for disliking Sherlock. The fact that someone does not like something that you like and is open about saying so (perhaps vociferously) does not make them a snob. We all have our personal “red lines” when it comes to Holmes adaptations and it is clear that Elementary crosses a lot of them for many people. Largely due to the way its conception is perceived it is seen as invading Sherlock’s territory. It’s not because the two are very different animals.

Now I've still not seen anything apart from the pilot so please don’t take my comments as indicative of me being pro or anti Elementary. I've made the comments I feel qualified to make in other blog posts that you can easily search for.

I’m just asking both sides not to resort to playground tit-for-tat insults. Neither show is going away so live and let live and let the respective fans get on with it even if you find their fondness for either show perplexing.

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