S3 Filming - Please don't spoil

Well last night saw something of a battle erupt on Twitter with people tweeting pictures and comments from the scene of Sherlock filming in Bristol. Quite rightly there was a backlash against this with many people - including yours  truly - requesting that people desist.

There was an attitude from some of the spoilerers(??!) of "why should we?". Here's why...

1) Your tweets have the potential (no matter how remote) to have a negative effect on the series. They might choose to film less outside shots or impose draconian security when they do. Then those people who like to watch the filming without ruining things for everyone else will suffer. The lovers of the series could also suffer if persistent spoilers force the crew to film things differently.

2) News Flash! Twitter is not a private messaging system. Simply sticking a special hash tag on your tweets is not sufficient security. Going on Twitter and discussing real (or not) spoilers is like walking into a big room full of people and shouting something private to a friend the other side of the room. Everyone else in the room hears it whether they want to or not. Would you walk into a cinema and shout the ending of the film to those watching it? I sincerely hope the answer to that is "no".

If you are determined to swap spoilers at least set up a forum for it that is away from Twitter. You can then tell people where it is and they can go and look if that is their wish.

Can you do this for me - please?

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  1. Well, I do see that differently. BC asked not to take and post pics during the bonfire shooting and people stopped doing it after that. He didn't say "don't do it *ever*". And I think cast and crew were well aware even before shooting started that they would encounter a lot of fan presence. In fact they did heat up expectations and rumours themselves by twittering clues and set pics. Let's not forget that all this is also *free* advertising. And there can never be enough of that!