Elementary - Just in case you're wondering

There has naturally been a lot of blog posts and other commentary surrounding U.S. Series Elementary and how good/bad it is, how it compares to Sherlock, how faithful it is and so on.

With the occasional exception I have kept largely quiet on this issue. Rest assured that I am not ignoring it intentionally. It is simply the case that, to date, I have only seen the pilot. I don't have access to Sky and hence have not seen the show when it has been broadcast over here.

Through my Scoop.It page I am happy to make the comments of others (both good and bad) more readily available. My only observation to date seems to be that people either seem to think the show is awful (because they simply don't like it or they don't believe it should be allowed to exist alongside Sherlock) or they think it is an okay show in itself but not really canonical.

I'm yet to read an opinion that praises the show as being in any way faithful to the source material or that thinks it will stand the test of time. Am I just looking in the wrong places? Do such really positive opinions exist? Feel free to point me in the direction of such articles and I shall put them out there for further debate.

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  1. You might want to read the TWOP (Television without Pity) discussion pages on Elementary here:

    There seem to be a few people who like it even better than Sherlock. Of course these are viewers discussing the show, not proffessional critics.

  2. Mr. Duncan, I have posted my views on "Elementary" at the Sherlock Holmes Social Network if you are so interested. I am a long-time Sherlockian and find CBS' offering has Sherlockian worth.