I've joined the Council

At tonight's Sherlock Holmes Society of London AGM Tony Lee and myself were elected to the Council of the Society.

I shall writer a fuller blog later.


  1. Hi,
    My name Is Bethany Craddock and I have been trying to stop the house that Conan-Doyle lived in Undershaw being demolished and turned into houses. I am 16 year old and Conan-Doyle is one of my favourite authors and most influential authors of all time in my opinion. I am writing to lots of people to see if anything can be done and to people that I know have similar views on the issue. I want to try and raise enough awareness or funds so something can be done about this situation. If you’re willing to help please sign this position or if you can please help in any way. Ive already written to the council but we need to do more to save undershaw.
    Best Regards Bethany.
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  2. If you wish to help with the fight to save Undershaw you would do well to contact the Undershaw Preservation Trust.