The Undershaw Preservation Trust – How you can help

The Undershaw Preservation Trust is the organisation solely responsible for bringing about the Judicial Review (being held on May 23rd) that will hopefully reverse the decision of Waverly Borough Council permitting the carving up of this historic home into a series of separate dwellings.

For legal reasons I won’t go into here (and don't fully understand), the UPT is not permitted to fund raise in connection with the Judicial Review itself but can bring in revenue to fund the campaign to raise awareness of the house’s plight.

You can contribute to this in one of several ways:

1. You can buy items from the UPT shop - Money raised from sales goes towards raising awareness and towards the UPT’s day-to-day running costs (website etc).

2. You can buy my book An Entirely New Country. 50% of the book’s net royalties go to the trust for the same purpose.

3. I believe there is a plan to allow people to pledge money to the UPT until such time as it is able to receive formal donations (which it cannot do at present). In due time people will be able to pledge on the website. However until such time as this can be done, pledges can be made via emails to

So now you know how you can help.

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  1. It's more than an honour to be able to help ^v^ Thank you for the opportunity to lend a hand - and judging by the quality of all your previous books, I think anyone who donates is receiving a double gift.