Sherlockian Links of the week

Here are some of the sites I consider worthy of mention and recommendation:

The Undershaw Preservation Trust

This organisation has single-handedly brought about the judicial review that seeks to throw out the planning consent that would see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's former home carved up into town houses and apartments. Its three principals, John Gibson, Lynn Gale and Sue Meadows have fought tirelessly for years and without them the house would already have been lost.

If you wish to assist in the campaign to raise awareness of the house's fate you can buy my book An Entirely New Country or buy any of their Undershaw merchandise from their dedicated on-line shop.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

The Sherlockian Society based in Holmes' home. For articles about the detective in all his incarnations this is the place to go. Membership is incredibly good value and there is some excellent merchandise on offer to both members and non-members.


The ultimate fan site for devotees of BBC's Sherlock

The Baker Street Babes

The home of some of the most entertaining Sherlockian podcasts available - and they're free.

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