Post-Reichenbach - Thoughts.

If you've not been on any social media in the last 12 hours or so this may well contain unwanted surprises. You have been warned.

Well last night’s Sherlock was good wasn’t it folks? I don’t think any of us were really in any doubt that Holmes would survive, after all we all know of The Empty House. It was never likely that such a critical and commercial hit would come to an end after two series. That would have been to take the showbiz maxim of always leave them wanting more just a little too far.

Poor John. How angry will he be in 2013(ish)?
I expressed the belief, before broadcast, that we may be left feeling emotions akin to those felt by readers worldwide in December 1893 when The Final Problem was published in The Strand magazine. However that was not quite the case. We all felt it yes, but mercifully we were not made to feel it for ten years (if you choose to briefly discount the pre-Reichenbach The Hound of the Baskervilles). In fact we only had to feel it for roughly five to ten minutes.

So, yes, we know that Sherlock is alive. Before anyone screams “spoiler” I don’t think it is given that Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and others tweeted within a few minutes of the conclusion that series three had been commissioned. Not only that but it had been commissioned at the same time as series two. Those tweets would have gone, as they say, viral by now so I’m hardly giving the game away.

The shock wave is still working its way through Twitter and other media as I write. We are led to believe that filming on series three will not begin until towards the end of this year at the earliest. This is due to the two leads having commitments elsewhere. So we have to hold our collective breath until 2013 or so.

It’ll be worth it though… know it will.

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