If you are in a Reichenbach panic - read this it may help

Up and down the land (UK) people are waiting with a mixture of excitement and dread for the final Sherlock episode. This episode is entitled The Reichenbach Fall and is of course based, to some extent, on The Final Problem – Arthur Conan Doyle’s story of 1893 - in which Sherlock Holmes supposedly met his end.

People seem seriously worried that our new Sherlock will not return. My thought on this is that people should not panic. I’m not saying that watching this episode will not be difficult or emotional but if you look at it more clinically it seems unlikely that it is the end.

When Conan Doyle wrote The Final Problem he was desperate to see an end to Holmes. He was tired of him and wanted to focus on other things. Despite this he did not close the door on Holmes. No body was found and the person to conclude that Holmes was dead was Watson who, as we know, was famous for seeing but not observing.

Thus, in 1903, Conan Doyle was able to bring Holmes back without any real difficulty.

Now look at the new series. To my knowledge, not one of the writers or actors has made a statement to the effect that they definitely won’t do any more. None have expressed any desire to be rid of Holmes. On a commercial basis the series must be raking it in. Worldwide broadcast rights, DVD sales, soundtrack sales. Does anyone really think that they’ll just stop?

Yes Martin Freeman’s Hobbit commitments and Benedict Cumberbatch’s involvement in the new Star Trek film are bound to cause a long delay but I feel pretty confident at this stage that Sherlock Holmes will return.

Take heart citizens of Britain.

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