Sherlock Holmes Journal and Diamond Jubilee Supplement

Much to my delight I found the December issue of the Sherlock Holmes Journal on my doormat last night. Accompanying it on this occasion was a supplement arranged specifically to mark the 60th year of the society's (re)founding.

Although I have written reviews for the journal in the past (and have been reviewed) this issue contains many items by me. In the main journal there is my review of Christopher Sandford's book on Houdini and Conan Doyle; my review of Barefoot on Baker Street by Charlotte Walters; and, finally, my reviews of the Old Court radio plays The Grace Chalice, The Long Man and Sherlock Holmes - A Drama in Four Acts.

In the supplement I provide an article on Conan Doyle biographies entitled A Case of Biographical Identity.


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  1. I am a bit late joining the Society to get the journals (have read and re-read all the stories over the years). I look forward to reading :) (