The Sherlock Holmes Pub - Event

Last night I was one of a number of Sherlockians who visited the Sherlock Holmes pub to officially celebrate its reopening following refurbishment.

Regrettably I did not see the dining area but the bar has been given a good spruce up. The layout has not changed but it does feel a lot cleaner and roomy that it did before. I was also reliably informed that the facilities (if you catch my drift) are a wonder to behold.

Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue put in a brief appearance and I managed a few brief words with them - sorry folks no juicy spoilers (alas).

It was also an opportunity for many Sherlockians to finally meet my publisher Steve Emecz of MX Publishing, The picture below of Roger Johnson, myself and Steve does not do us any justice taken, as it was, on an iPhone without flash.

Finally where would we have been without Holmes and Watson themselves who went round collecting entries for the raffle. Alas I cannot tell you who won as I had to leave before the draw.

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  1. Looks like a great time - too bad about the picture quality. I wonder if anyone took photos with a better camera set-up because it sounds like more than a few Sherlockian heavyweights were in attendance.