Amusing Press Inaccuracy

I am informed by my publisher that the local press in Tower Hamlets have just discovered that I won the Tony & Freda Howlett Award back in May.

I find this small quote rather amusing:

"On his personal blog, Alistair Duncan or ‘Sherlockian’ as he calls himself, wrote: ‘I am very pleased and proud that my book ‘The Norwood Author’ won the Tony & Freda Howlett Literary Award 2011’."

Somehow I think that the Tower Hamlets press don't realise that "Sherlockian" is something of a general term and not some sort of super hero name I have awarded myself.

I did have to laugh.

1 comment:

  1. The sentence "On his personal blog Sherlockian wrote: "I am very pleased...Award 2011." is wonderfully awkward.