More of the same Warner Bros. ?

It is of course dangerous to base a review on a trailer but if we compare the trailers for both Warner Bros. Sherlock Holmes films it is clear that they are very similar in terms of the level of action and dialogue they suggest.

When I saw the trailer for the first film I thought I was likely to get a film full of action and low on canonical fidelity and that view was largely borne out by the film when it was released. I won't deny it was a fun couple of hours in the cinema but that was the most you could say for it.

The trailer for A Game of Shadows suggests very much the same thing. So yes I'll watch it but I doubt it will beat the 6/10 score I gave the original. I very much hope I am proved wrong.

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  1. I have to agree. I have watched the film once since I saw it at the cinema. By contrast, the BBC's Sherlock, which I was more concerned about before I saw it, I have watched several times.

    I thought that the inclusion of Stephen Fry in the cast and Leslie Klinger advising might have resulted in more canon and less fodder!

    I think we are both going to be disappointed. I am, on the other hand, looking forward to the news series of Sherlock.