The Mystery of the Missing Plaque

Since October 7th 1985, when it was unveiled by the late Jeremy Brett, a commemorative plaque was sited on the front of Abbey House which occupied 221 Baker Street.

When the former Abbey National vacated the building its management was taken over and, at some point on or before 2009, a refurbishment programme clearly began. Part of this involved repainting the outside of the building. At this point the plaque was clearly removed to avoid it being damaged in the process (as you can see in the picture below).

Back in February I was in Baker Street in connection with my latest book when I noticed that there was a new plaque in position at Abbey House. This plaque simply denotes the building's number.

So the pressing question is - where is the plaque that Jeremy Brett unveiled?

It is an important piece of Sherlockian memorabilia unveiled by arguably the best screen Holmes we are likely to see. Its whereabouts needs to be determined and it must be secured.

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  1. Yes the plaque needs to be located. Alistair, should we be writing or emailing some one? Could you find out who or do you think it is too late>