Getting ahead of myself a little but...

I have discussed this topic before but I feel it is perhaps time to put it out for discussion.

My first book Eliminate the Impossible was published in 2008 and is now more than a little behind with respect to the film and TV section. Since its publication we have had the Warner Bros Sherlock Holmes film, the BBC's Sherlock and the odd Mockbuster.

Do you consider this enough material to warrant an updated edition of my first book?


  1. Seems like a nice bit of material, but maybe it would be worth waiting until the Guy Ritchie sequel and the second season of "Sherlock" come out? Also, have you ever given any thought to including some commentary on the Russian series?

  2. Fair point. I shall hold fire for the time being. It's not as if I don't have anything else to do :-)

    Re the Russian series. I have most of them on DVD but I can honestly say that the few I watched rather put me off. In order to review them properly I would need to watch them all and I'm not sure that I'm prepared to invest the time.

    I know they are highly rated by some but they just don't do it for me.