The National Television Awards

I don't think I'm the only one to have been disappointed by the UK National Television Awards last night. There was not a single nod for the BBC's Sherlock. In the programme category it lost out to Waterloo Road and BC lost out to David Jason in the actor category.

Both awards left me speechless. However, as I've never watched Waterloo Road (and don't intend to) I cannot really comment on how it compares to Sherlock. As for David Jason - well. He may have attained National Treasure status but he's not exactly lacking in awards and has won at the NTAs many times in the past (some seven including this year if Wikipedia can be believed). His performance as Jack Frost may be good but it simply was not a patch on BC as Sherlock Holmes. I cannot help but feel that he got the award in part because people felt he should and not because of his acting.

I daresay there will be DJ fans who disagree but sorry that's my opinion.

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  1. What we have to think about here Alistair is that Sherlock is a relatively new drama, it may not have done it this time round, but you watch out for next year!