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Yesterday I received a letter which really disappointed me. It was from the department for culture etc on behalf of the Culture Secretary. I had, some time earlier, written to protest about the decision re the development of Undershaw.

I had been led to believe that the Culture Secretary was sympathetic to the cause, being MP for the local area too, but it turns out that he doesn't appear to have the house's fate very high on his list of priorities.

The letter essentially said that it was the council's responsibility (which I knew) and that was that.

I am forced to question the purpose of a Culture Secretary who is unable or unwilling to defend our culture.

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  1. I am profoundly dissappointed at the response made on behalf of the Culture Secretary. You have not been the only one that has been disturbed by the lack of interest.

    This has left me questioning 'why the sudden change of heart'? As local MP for the area he showed genuine interest prior to his new position.

    It seems that all the support leading up to the decision has now dwindled.

    The Trust will press on and this week we are visiting London to talk with a top QC to put our case forward.