A national disgrace

It is with anger and regret that I must report that yesterday Waverley Borough Council granted permission for the present owners of Undershaw to redevelop it. In short this means that the building, which both the owners and council took inadequate care of (despite its grade II listing), will be carved up into a number of separate dwellings.

I would very much like to know who, in the present financial climate, would be in a position to buy one of these proposed dwellings. I very much fear the property will be carved up and then continue to sit empty which will benefit no one.

I urge people to contact Waverley Borough Council and make their feelings known. It may not achieve anything but I think they need to be made aware of the anger this will cause for Conan Doyle fans worldwide.


  1. Thank you Alistair for your harsh words! Each unit will cost between £800.000 and £900.000 each. As you say who will be able to afford this?

  2. I presume you mean £800,000 (i.e. commas rather than full-stops) ?